New Beginnings

February 25, 2018

I’ve been thinking about what to come up with next.  For some time, I’ve been frustrated with finding accurate sizes for things I buy.  Product descriptions do not provide all the measurements that would factor in my purchasing decision.  Therefore, I have taken upon myself to create a website that provides measurements and dimensions of any object. Whether it be a small retail product to something large as a building.  The site will allow users to input their own objects with its dimensions.  Introducing….

Nothing has been developed yet, but more to come. Stay tuned!


Portable battery chargers

October 8, 2016

I got interested in portable chargers since I got a bike and needed a way to keep my phone charged. How much charging did I need? Can it fit in the tiny saddle bag that I got? I decided to get the Anker PowerCore 5000 and
Jackery Mini Premium 3350mAh portable chargers to see which suits my needs best. Read the rest of this entry »

Dell Inspiron 14R (N4010) Disassembly

July 7, 2012

Was taking this laptop apart just to access the hard drive. Yes, all this just to replace the hard drive!!! Ridiculous!

Gurren Lagann Core Drill

June 11, 2012

Gurren Lagann Core Drill

Joby Gorillapod Flexible Tripod Review

June 10, 2012


Greetings fellow Terrans, today I am reviewing the Joby GP1-A1EN Gorillapod Flexible Tripod! It was purchased on Amazon for $11.30 at the time.  When it came in, I expected nice clean fancy packaging found in high end cell phones but instead met with a cheap plastic shell and cardboard backing found in cheap toys.  Cheap plastic toy also came to mind when I first laid hands on the Gorillapod tripod because it was so light!  I feared if it would even hold my super compact Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS.  Maybe my expectations were too high after reading so many positive reviews?  Don’t jump to conclusions with first impressions.  After giving some time to test out the tripod, I came away impressed with its function and creative uses.  The Gorillapod is actually made of high quality plastic and rubber despite its initial light cheap feel.  The flexible legs is the key selling point and they do an excellent job in wrapping itself around many oddly shaped objects.  I did not find any loose joints and felt confident that the tripod will last for years but only time will tell.  The rubberized rings on each joint greatly increase gripping power while the larger feet ensures that the tripod is firmly grounded when being used as a standard tripod. Read the rest of this entry »

Galaxy Nexus Announced

October 19, 2011

After a week of delay, the announcement of the Galaxy Nexus is finally here. I’m curious to see if the phone will have a removable battery cover and if there’s a microSDHC slot.  I’m really liking the new features that Google has added, such as the face recognition unlock and zero shutter lag camera.  Now the question is, am I really tempted to get this?  To a certain extent, yes.  But not on the scale when the Nexus One was announced.  This feels more of a spec bump along with an OS update.  I guess my expectations were too high and was disappointed in Google’s decision to go with a 1.2GHz CPU instead of a 1.5GHz.  Sure it’s only a 300MHz difference, but Google was supposed to set a new bar on what phones should be.  Another question I have is what kind of graphics does the Galaxy Nexus have.  I have not heard of any mention of Nvidia’s Tegra at all and that’s also a disappointment.  Now I notice that the power button is on the right side, okay I don’t mind that so far.  Then the headset jack is now on the bottom right next to the micro USB port, I’m not so sure if I like that spot.  I hold the phone in portrait mode primarily when listening to music and I’m thinking that the headset jack will make the phone more difficult to hold.  I should be fine when watching video in landscape mode though since viewing can be on either side.  What about Samsung’s trademark hump on the bottom of their Galaxy phones?  Will it be comfortable to hold and give a good grip?

The back cover does come off a la Galaxy S series and there will be no microSD card slot 😦 . That’s a pity.  I sure hope 16GB or 32GB will be enough storage in the long run.  To be fair, 16GB is a ton of internal storage for my app needs considering that I came from a Nexus One which came with a meager 512MB internal storage and not being able to move all apps to SD sucked.  Also, uploading photos with Google+ immediately after pics are taken is an excellent feature for social media sharing and backup purposes, who needs storage when it’s all already uploaded?

The Nexus One has USB mode, which acts as an external drive when plugged in.  However, the transfer speeds were terribly slow.  I really hope that the Galaxy Nexus will have fast file transfer speeds because that would be the only reliable method to transfer files.  There are wifi file transfer apps available on the Android Market, but the reliability isn’t great and files get cut in the middle of a transfer.


Two Steps From Hell

October 11, 2011

So I just purchased the Invincible album by Two Steps From Hell and the tracks are just epic!  The symphony group originally made movie soundtracks but have now finally released their music to the public.  I wish I’ve known about this sooner!  Even better is that they have just released a second album called Archangel and will be definitely be adding that to my playlist in the near future.  In the meantime, I will enjoy Invincible and I urge you to support and listen to their epic music!